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State Information on Real ID


Alaska Passes Bill Barring State Spending on Real ID!

"Lawmakers Spur Real ID Opposition,"  Juneau Empire, March 25, 2008.  Online>

"Senate Pulls Purse Strings on Real ID," KTUU Television, March 24, 2008. Online>

"Lawmakers Consider Whether to Oppose National ID Card," Associated Press, February 15, 2008. 

"Lawmakers Oppose National ID by Opposing Funds for it," Juneau Empire, February 15, 2008. Online>

"Legislator Calls Real ID Law an Intrusion," Anchorage Daily News, February 15, 2008. Online>

"The Answer Still is No," Anchorage Daily News Editorial, January 18, 2007.  Online >

"‘Real ID’ Meets Opposition from State Lawmaker," KTUU News, January 12, 2008. Online>

Bill Opposing Real ID Introduced in Alaska!

"National ID Card Proposal a Bad Idea," Anchorage Daily News Editorial, September 10, 2007.  Online >

"Big Brother is Almost Here," Juneau Empire, July 13, 2007.  Online >

"Real ID Act has some concerned," KTUU Anchorage, March 4, 2007.  Online >

Jo Dee Pederson, "Yes, I really am Jo Dee.  Still.  Really.Anchorage Daily News, November 1, 2006.  Online >

Alaska refuses to go forward with national ID system
: SB-189 dies in committee.

"Driver’s Licence Bill Gains Nods," Anchorage Daily News, April 8, 2006.  Online >

"Measure Targets Driver’s Licenses," Anchorage Daily News, April 2, 2006. Online >

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation.  Alaska officials’ response to the survey is available here


SB 202, prohibits state spending on the Real ID Act. (Enacted 5/28/07)


Alaska officials’ response to national survey of DMV’s on problems posed by Real ID  is available here.  


Watch this space for actions you can take to stop Real ID in Alaska

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