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State Information on Real ID


"Feds’ Real ID is an Invitation to Even More Identity Theft," Inside Tuscan Business Opinion, June 27, 2008.  Online>

Arizona opts out of Real ID!

ACLU Press release: ACLU Applauds Governor Napolitano

"Napolitano: Real ID a No-Go in Arizona," Arizona Republic, June 18, 2008.  

"Napolitano signs bill to keep AZ out of Real ID," Associated Press, June 17, 2008.  Online> 

"Governor Pens "No Real ID" Bill," Yuma Sun, June 17, 2008.  Online>

"Napolitano Signs Bill Nixing Real ID,"  Associated Press, June 17, 2008.  

"Ariz. Legislature Kills Real ID; Critics Point to Heft Costs," Arizona Republic, June 12, 2008.  

"Legislature Votes To Bar Arizona Participation In Real ID Requirements," Associated Press, June 12, 2008. 

"Legislature Acts to Opt AZ out of Real ID," Associated Press, June 11, 2008.  Online>

"Legislators OK Ban on Participating in Real ID," East Valley Tribune, June 11, 2008.  Online>

"Legislature Votes to Opt AZ Out of Real ID," The Tuscan Citizen, June 11, 2008.  Online>

"Lawmakers Approve Proposed Prohibition on REAL ID Standards," Associated Press, May 7, 2008.  Online>

"AZ Senate Votes to Opt-out of Real ID Act," Arizona Capitol Times, April 6, 2008.  Online> (Subscription Required)

"Senate Panel Votes to Reject Real ID," Arizona Capitol Times, April 1, 2008.  Online> (Subscription Required)

"Support Wanes for Secure IDs,"  Arizona Republic, March 23, 2008.  

"Arizona's Real ID Plan Sputtering," United Press International, March 23, 2008.  Online>

"Arizona GOP Lawmakers Vow Fight Against 3-in-1 License," The Daily Dispatch, December 17, 2007. Online>

"Sen. Johnson, Others Criticize Governor’s ‘3-in-1’ ID Plan," Arizona Capitol TimesI, December 14, 2007. Online> (Subscription Required)

"Unlikely Allies Unite to Fight Enhanced-ID Plan," Arizona Republic, December 13, 2007. 

"Johnson Denounces Agreement with Feds for New ID Card," Arizona Capitol Times, December 12, 2007. Online> (Subscription Required)

"Arizona Senate Votes to Bar Real ID Implementation," Associated Press, March 8, 2007.

"Senate Bill on Path to Ignore Real ID," Tuscon Citizen, March 8, 2007.  Online > (Registration Required)

"Under Bill, AZ Would Opt Out of National ID," Arizona Republic, March 8, 2007.  Online >

"Arizona Senate OKs Complaint About ID Law," Tuscon Citizen, February 20, 2007.  Online > (Registration Required)

"Bills Would Protect Arizona's Wallets, Privacy," Arizona Daily Star, February 13, 2007.  Online >

"Feds Need to Add Reality to Real ID," East Valley Tribune Editorial, February 11, 2007.  Online >

"Senate Committee Gives Thumbs Down to National Drivers License," The Arizona Republic, February 6, 2007.

"Senator Pushes Anti-Real ID Effort," Tuscan Citizen, February 6, 2007. Online > (Registration Required)

"New Fed Driver ID Rules Vex Arizona Official," Tucson Citizen, January 12, 2007.  Online > (Registration Required)

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation.  Arizona officials' response to the survey is available here

"No One Certain What Real ID Act Will Cost Arizona," Yuma Sun, January 12, 2006. 


HB 2426, Prohibition of enhanced drivers licenses. (Introduced)


HB 2677, Real ID Act prohibition. (Enacted)


Arizona officials' response to national survey of DMV's on problems posed by Real ID is available here


Watch this space for actions you can take to stop Real ID in Arizona

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