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State Information on Real ID


"Lawmakers bury Real ID bill," San Jose Mercury News, June 2, 2009. Online>

"Lawmakers OK Real ID bill," San Jose Mercury News, June 1, 2009. Online>

"Real ID Act Has Been a Real Fiasco," Appeal-Democrat Editorial, April 6, 2008.  Online>

"California Backs Off Real ID," Wired, March 20, 2008.  Online>

Anti-Real ID Resolution Introduced in California!

"California Takes Small Step Away from Real ID," C-Net, March 11, 2008.  Online>

"Anti-Real ID Rebellion Spreads to California," Wired, March 10, 2008.  Online>

"The False Promise of Real ID," LA Times Editorial, January 22, 2008.  Online>

"Real ID is too Expencive,"  Ventura County Star Opinion, January 21, 2008.  Online>

"Against a National ID," LA Times Editorial, October 7, 2007.  Online >

"Flawed Federal ID Law Overburdens State," Contra Costa Times, May 6, 2007. 

"Perata Calls on Governor to Address California Concerns With Real ID Act," California Chronicle, March 22, 2007.

"Time to Drop Expensive, Unrealistic ID Plan," San Jose Mercury News Editorial, March 6, 2007. 

"California Lobbies for Real ID Changes," Orange County Register, February 24, 2007. 

"Put Real ID into Reverse," San Francisco Chronicle Editorial, February 23, 2007.  Online >

"Unreal ID," Orange County Register Editorial, February 9, 2007.  Online >

"Real Delay," Los Angeles Daily News, Opinion, January 23, 2007.

"Senators Seek ID-Law Repeal," San Bernadino County Sun, January 16, 2007.

"Privacy Concerns Raised," Interview with Jim Harper in [Palm Springs] Desert Sun, December 4, 2006. 

"Long Waits Looming for License Renewals," San Francisco Chronicle, July 24, 2006.  Online >

"Battle lines drawn as driver’s license ID law gets nearerSan Diego Union Tribune, June 25, 2006.  Online >

"Identity Papers Required!" Cypress Chronicle Opinion, March 28, 2006.  Online >

"Feds Must Drop ID Plan," North County Times Editorial, March 2, 2006.  Online >

"Get Ready for Real ID: Prepared to Camp Out at the DMV?" Sacramento Bee Editorial, February 25, 2006.  Online (Registration required) >

"Driver’s Licence Overhaul Could Prove Exasperating," Stockton Record, February 24, 2006.  Online >

"Plan for ID Cards Drawing Criticism," LA Times, February 20, 2006.  PDF >

Daniel Weintraub: "Like Long Lines? You’ll Love ID Law," Sacramento/Modesto Bee Opinion, February 19, 2006.  Online >

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation.  California officials’ response to the survey is available here


SB 60, Real ID compliance. (In committee)

AJR 51, relative to the Real ID Act of 2005. (Dead)


Memo from ACLU, Privacy Activism, California NOW, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Consumer Federation and  others to CA Senate and Assembly Budget Committees on DMV Implementation of Real ID, May 16, 2006.  PDF >

Testimony of Barry Steinhardt, ACLU Technology & Liberty Project Director, at CA Budget Overisght Hearings on Real ID, February 23, 2006.

California officials’ response to national survey of DMV’s on problems posed by Real ID is available here


Watch this space for actions you can take to stop Real ID in California

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