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State Information on Real ID


"Port St. Lucie doctor finds getting driver license almost impossible," TC Palm, January 19, 2010. Online>

"Double whammy at the DMV," Tampa Tribune, January 1, 2010. Online>

"New rule requires part-timers to surrender state driver license to get one in Florida," Naples Daily News, November 26, 2009. Online>

" New Drivers License Requirements in 2010," Ponte Verda Recorder, November 24, 2009. Online>

"State Requires New Documents To Obtain A Driver Licence, ID Card," WCTV, January 28, 2009. Online>

"ID Law Not Well Received," (Ocala) Star-Banner, September 30, 2008. 

"Real ID; false need," Daytona Beach News Journal Editorial, March 9, 2007. 

"Real ID: A Loser For States, National Security," Miami Herald Editorial, February 9, 2007. 

"Real ID Mandate is Impractical," The [Lakeland, Polk County] Ledger Editorial, October 7, 2006. 

"Congress Passes ‘Real ID’ Buck," The [Lakeland, Polk County] Ledger, May 22, 2006. 

"Confusion Surrounds National ID Program," Brandenton Herald, April 6, 2006.  

"Licenses Driving Privacy Concerns," The [Lakeland, Polk County] Ledger, March 26, 2006. 

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation.  Florida officials’ response to the survey is available here

"The Lawbreakers America Needs," Palm Beach Post, May 1, 2005.  PDF >


Real ID can’t take effect without action by the state legislature; Watch this space for news on state Real ID legislation


Florida officials’ response to national survey of DMV’s on problems posed by Real ID is available here.  


Watch this space for actions you can take to stop Real ID in Florida

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