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State Information on Real ID


Nancy Murray, "Real Sham Pushed," Boston Herald, January 17, 2008.  Online >

"A Real Bad ID Law," Boston Globe Editorial, August 12, 2007.  Online >

Carol Rose, "Real ID: Real Nightmare," The Patriot Ledger Commentary, July 23, 2007.  Online >

"Coakley Cites Cost in Opposing US Law on Driver’s Licenses," Boston Globe, June 14, 2007.  Online >

"Act Threatens to End Online Licensing," Cape Cod Times, May 18, 2007.  Online >

"State Says Real ID Will Cost $150 Million," Boston Globe, May 16, 2007.  Online >

"Mass Officials Fight Real ID Act," Worcester Telegram, May 6, 2007.  Online >

"Real ID, Unrealistic Law," Boston Globe Editorial, March 20, 2007.  Online >

"National ID a Bad Idea," [South Boston] Enterprise Editorial, February 15, 2007.  Online >

"Nationwide Driver’s License Opposed," Metro West Daily News, January 31, 2007.

"Renewing your driver’s license may get a lot tougher," Metro West Daily News, November 15, 2006.  Online >

Sen. Richard T. Moore, "Real ID needs real reforms," November 13, 2006.  Online >

"Real ID, Real Costly," [North Andover] Eagle-Tribune, September 27, 2006.  Online >

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation.  Massachusetts officials’ response to the survey is available here

"Suspicious License," Boston Globe Editorial, May 9, 2005.  Online >


SB 2138, memorializing the Congress on the Real ID Act. (Live)


Testimony of Attorney General Martha Coakley before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Veterans’ and Federal Affairs.  PDF

ACLU of Massachusetts press release calling for rejection of Real ID, March 2, 2007. PDF

Massachusetts officials’ response to national survey of DMV’s on problems posed by Real ID is available here.  


Watch this space for actions you can take to stop Real ID in Massachusetts

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