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State Information on Real ID


Missouri Passes Legally Binding Anti-Real ID Bill!

MO Governor Jay Nixon’s Legislative Action on HB 361. Online>

"Real ID in doubt for many," St. Joseph News-Press, May 20, 2009. Online>

"Guest’s anti-Real ID bill clears Assembly," St. Joseph News-Press, May 14, 2009. Online>

"Mo. lawmakers vote to reject federal Real ID Act," KHQA, May 14, 2009. Online>

"Missouri Senate Rejects "Real ID" Law," KMOU, May 14, 2009. Online>

"Senate says NO to federal REAL ID requirements," Missourinet, May 13, 2009. Online>

"Missouri lawmakers vote to reject federal Real ID Act," Associated Press, May 13, 2009. Online>

"House rejects Real ID provisions," Missourinet, April 20, 2009. Online>

"Guest’s anti-Real ID bill passes House," St. Joseph News-Press, April 20, 2009. Online>

"Missouri House passes measure on driver’s license rules,"  Associated Press, April 17, 2009. Online>

"Missouri House moves toward rejecting Real ID," St. Joseph News-Press, April 16, 2009. Online>

"Guest warns against Big Brother, Real ID" St. Joseph News-Press, February 11, 2009. Online>

"Real ID Cards Drawing Real Controversy,"  St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 21, 2008.  Online>

Missouri House Passes Opt Out Bill!

"Guest Still Fighting Real ID,"  St. Joseph News-Press, April 24, 2008.  Online>

"House Balks at Rules for State IDs," Associated Press, April, 9, 2008.  Online>

"Mo. House Votes to Reject Real ID Requirements," Associated Press, April 8, 2008.  

"New Missouri Bill Thumbs its Nose at Federal Real ID Act," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 18, 2008. 

"Real ID, Real Pain," St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial, January 16, 2008.

"Missouri, Illinois Consider What To Do About Real I.D. Plan," KSDK News, January 14, 2008.  

Missouri adopts resolution calling on Congress to repeal Real ID.

"Missouri Lawmakers Oppose Real ID
," News-Leader, May 18, 2007. 

"Missouri Senate Passes ID Bill
," St. Joseph News-Press, May 15, 2007. 

"Real ID Becomes Real Issue at Capitol
,", April 15, 2007.  Online >

"Is ‘Mark of the Beast’ in Real ID Act?"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 22, 2007. 

"Mennonites Leaving Missouri Over Photo Requirement," Associated Press, March 19, 2007. 

"House Votes to Oppose Federal Real ID Act
," Associated Press, March 16, 2007. 

"Lawmaker Wants to Keep Missouri from Federal ID Requirements," Belleville News-Democrat, February 23, 2007. 

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation.  Missouri officials’ response to the survey is available here


HB 361, prohibits the violation of a person’s privacy rights in order to obtain a driver’s license. (Enacted)

HB 1716, prohibits the violation of a person’s privacy rights in order to obtain a driver’s license.  (Dead)

HCR 20, relating to a prohibition on the implementation of the federal Real ID Act. (Adopted 5/17/07)



Watch this space for information on how to take action against Real ID in your state.

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