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About The Issue > DMVs say Real ID will be real nightmare

DMVs Nationwide Say Real ID Will Be a Real Nightmare to Implement

Newly uncovered documents reveal that state officials believe that federal legislation called the Real ID Act will require extensive changes to existing practices at motor vehicles departments, will be extremely difficult to implement by the Act’s deadline, and will carry heavy expenses.

The survey, which was unveiled by the Associated Press, was conducted by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, apparently to take a sounding of the states’ challenges and readiness for tackling compliance with the federal Real ID mandate. The states’ responses reveal widespread concern about various provisions of the Act, and a general skepticism that implementation will even be possible by the 2008 federal deadline.

White paper on significance of DMV survey
ACLU Press release: Real ID Legislation a Real Nightmare to Implement, State Officials Report (1/12/2006)

Survey Documents

Excerpts from survey responses by state motor vehicles adminsitrators:

"Establishing direct connections with all other states and jurisdictions, esp. in the absence of uniform standards for information exchange, would be a nightmare for all states. (Can we go home now??)"

"This is a large effort. On a scale of 1 to 10, this rates as a 10 effort."
--New Jersey

"No database exists for electronic checking [licenses from other jurisdictions] – manual process would be very time consuming if not impossible - cost to develop unknown."

"If the Real ID Act is similar to the DL/ID Security Framework which proposes that we have room to capture 100 characters for an individual's full legal name, it will be impossible for use to do this with our current system. We would not be able to implement this data element/feature until we get a new system."

"How will we determine that social security needs to provide additional information? Currently, the customer resolves discrepancies with social security prior to a product being issued. This would be impossible for the states to resolve."
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