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Key Questions for Motor Vehicle Departments about Real ID

1) Real ID requires each state make their motor vehicle database electronically accessible to all other states.  The regulations also leave this task the states.  Many experts have argued that this will require substantial reprogramming of state systems and other IT costs to link these databases.  Does the state currently make its motor vehicle database available to all other states?  What would we have to do to make its systems compliant with this provision?  Would it affect existing contracts with vendors?

2) Real ID requires the states to retain a digital scan of source identity documents including a photo identity document, birth certificates, proof of social security number and documentation of a person’s principal address.  Does the state currently electronically scan and save all these documents?  What would be the cost of complying with this requirement?  Please touch on such areas as changes to IT systems, purchase of new equipment, changes to existing procedures and hiring of new personnel. What would the cost be of setting up the privacy and security controls that handling all this data would require?

3) Real ID requires that before issuing a license states "shall verify, with the issuing agency, the issuance, validity, and completeness of each document required to be presented."  The regulations state that some electronic systems to perform this task have already been developed, some are pilot programs and others don’t yet exist.  Does the state currently verify any the source documents required by Real ID?  How well do those systems work?

4) DHS has said that there will be no system for verifying addresses.  Does the DMV have any ability perform such verification?

5) The Real ID statute and regulations bar states from issuing a drivers’ license to an individual until it has confirmed that the individual is terminating or has terminated their previous drivers’ license.  Does a system currently exist to determine the licensing status of everyone in America?  If not, how will the state meet this requirement of the Act and how much will it cost the taxpayers?

6) The Real ID regulations require that everyone, even long time drivers, conform to the full requirements of Real ID.  What impact will this have on wait times and costs for the DMV?

7) The Real ID statute and regulations require that state employees who are authorized to manufacture ID cards must be subject to criminal background and credit checks.  Does the state currently subject all employees who work on licenses, including vendors, to these checks?  What would be the cost to doing background checks on all employees?
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