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State Information on Real ID


"Database rule slows licenses for immigrants," Atlanta Journal Constitution, May 9, 2008.  Online>

Anti-Real ID Bill enacted in Georgia!
Gov. Sonny Perdue signed legislation to protect Georgians' private information during the implementation of Real ID. The legislation "allows the governor of Georgia the discretion to delay implementation of the Real ID system until the Department of Homeland Security issues regulations and safeguards that adequately protect the privacy of the citizens of our state."

"Make Sure Your Names Match," WALB South Georgia News, March 22, 2007.  Online >

"State Questions Real ID Process," Florida Times Union, February 12, 2007.  Online >

"Privacy Trumps Federal ID Law," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 10, 2007.

"Privacy Concerns Snag Bid for Federal ID Law," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 10, 2007.

"Georgia Senate Balks at National ID Card," Associated Press, February 9, 2007. 

"Chamber's 'Eggs and Issues' Smith," [Newnan] Times-Herald, Deceber 6, 2006.

"Federal Driver's Licenses Designed to Tell All," Savannah Morning News, November 30, 2006.  Online >

"Former Congressman Assails ID Law," Gwinett Daily Post, November 30, 2006. 

Walter Jones, "Balancing Privacy and Convenience Presents a Challenge for Policymakers," Savannah Morning News, October 1, 2006.  Online >

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation. 

"There Must Be a Better Way than Real ID Act." Macon Telegraph Editorial, July 20, 2005.
"Besides imposing a heavy financial burden on the states, Real ID will place the privacy and financial well-being of every citizen at risk."


SB-5; Text >  (Enacted 2007)


Georgia officials' response to national survey of DMV's on problems posed by Real ID is available here.


Watch this space for information on how to take action against Real ID in your state.

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