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State Information on Real ID


"Montana continues opposition to Real ID Act," American City and County, April 10, 2009.  Online>

"Lake County Candidates Talk Hwy. 35, Real ID at Forum," Lake County Leader, May 8, 2008.  Online>

"State Real ID Rebellion: Here to stay?" C-Net, May 7, 2008.  Online>

"Sen. Tester continues to speak out against REAL ID," Montana's News Station (ABC), May 7, 2008. Online>

"Tester: Real ID Act a ‘Boondoggle’," Independent Record, April 30, 2008.  Online>

"New Hampshire Joins Montana in Real ID Victory," Wired, March 27, 2008. Online>

"States Challenge Homeland Security's ID Deadline," NPR, Morning Edition, March 26, 2008. Online>

"Montana ID Defense Flies With Feds," Billings Gazette Editorial, March 25, 2008.  Online>

"Montana Won't Seak Real ID Extension; Gov Promises No Penalties,"  Associated Press, March 21, 2008. Online>

"3 Governors Hold Out on Federal ID Law,"  Associated Press, March 20, 2008.  

"Real ID? Just Say No," The New West Commentary, March 18, 2008.  Online>

"Montana Battles Homeland Security Over National ID Plan," Associated Press, March 14, 2008. Online>

"MT Governor Stands Firm Against Real ID Deadline," Montana News Station, March 13, 2008. Online>

"Senators Ask Feds to Scrap Real ID Deadline," Associate Press, March 12, 2008. Online>

"Tester Will Fight Real ID, Stays Mum on Presidential Race," The (Clark Fork) Chronicle, March 12, 2008. Online>

"Montana Governor on Real ID," NPR, All Things Considered, March 7, 2008. Online> 

"Governor: Residents Won't be Affected by Real ID Noncompliance," Associated Press, March 6, 2008.  Online>

"Officials still at loggerheads over Real ID Act," Bozeman Daily Chronicle, March 2, 2008. Online>

"Senators Look to Delay Real ID," Associated Press, January 29, 2008. Online>

"Gov. Schweitzer seeking help in blocking Real ID Act," KXLH News, January 24, 2008. Online>

"Real ID isn't the Way to Go," Sidney Herald Editorial, January 17, 2008.  Online >

"Real ID is a Bad Deal That's Not Done Yet," Great Falls Tribune Editorial. January 15, 2008.

"State Law May Catch Montana Travelers in Security Showdown," Great Falls Tribune. January 12, 2008. 

"Montana's Senators Back Anti-Real ID Amendment," Billings Gazette, June 8, 2007.  Online >

"Montana, Washington's revolt over Real ID Act sending echoes in Congress," Great Falls Tribune, May 11, 2007.  

Gov. Schweitzer Signs Bill Refusing to Implement Real ID in Montana!

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Brady Wiseman and passed unanimously by the state legislature, is available here.

"Montana Takes Lead in Revolt Against Real ID," Stateline, April 18, 2007.  Online >

"Schweitzer Signs Bill Rejecting Federal IDs," Missoulian, April 18, 2007.  Online >

"Montana Enacts 'Declaration of Independence' from Real ID," ACLU Press Release, April 17, 2007.  Online >

Associated Press, "Gov Signs Law Rejecting Real ID Act," Billings Gazette, April 17, 2007.  Online >

"Good Call on Real ID Measures," Helena Independent Record Editorial, April 3, 2007.  Online >

"Montana Close to Denying Federal ID Bill," Associated Press, April 2, 2007. 

"Real ID Deserves the Boot," Independent Record, March 7, 2007.  Online >

"Lawmakers Call Real ID an 'Unfunded Federal Mandate,'" Great Falls Tribune, March 7, 2007. 

"Just Say No," Missoula Indpendent, February 8, 2007.

"Most Say: Reject Federal ID," Helena Independent Record, February 5, 2007. Online >

"Two Bills Rejecting Real ID Approved by State House," Great Falls Tribune, January 31, 2007. 

"Montana Moves to Reject Real ID Act," USA Today, January 30, 2007. Online >

National survey of motor vehicles administrators uncovers deep concern over Real ID across the nation.  Montana officials' response to the survey is available here

"Montana ACLU Opposes Real ID," The Missoulian, January 17, 2006.  Online >

Montana State Senator Jim Elliott warns that Real ID could "destroy the basic tenets of our Constitution."
Fairfield Sun-Times Guest Column, May 19, 2005.  PDF >


Brady Wiseman bill; HB 287 (Enacted 4/17/07). Online >
Diane Rice bill; HB 384.  


Sen. John Tester's Floor Statement on the Passage of HB 287.  PDF >

Picture of Montana signing ceremony.

Montana officials' response to national survey of DMV's on problems posed by Real ID is available here


Watch this space for information on how to take action against Real ID in your state.

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